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Bannockburn Open Clout 2 May 2009

Picture of George being propped up with longbow or is it the other way around?It was a disappointingly low turnout, but the event itself was great fun, and we were blessed with decent weather, even if the wind did give us a few headaches!  
The Gentlemen Longbow really struggled in sighters to hit 180yrds, so a vote was taken and the Ladies agreed to let them become honorary Ladies for the day. Even so, at 140yrds the wind seemed to take its toll and the arrows struggled to find their mark.

At the start, Caroline and Shonagh were having definite over shoot problems, however we all felt that their suggestion that they should “just give up and go and shoot the Gents” was a bit extreme ! (They assured us afterwards that they meant the Gents target, but we’re not so sure! 

Chi also excelled himself by almost hitting the railway line in sighters ! (250 yards from the shooting line !)


Connor with perfect five point arrow located at base of flag













Congratulations to Tim, Caroline, Chi, George M and Connor, our new Club Clout Champions.  

There’s another competition report and more photos at loreburnarchers.org.uk .


Group photograph of participants of Bannockburn Open Clout