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Bannockburn Open Double Warwick 14-06-09

Day two of a busy weekend saw a brave band of merry men and women reappear at Stirling for our first Scottish Record Status competition - a Double Warwick. Despite the threat of a thunder storm around the halfway mark, the day passed by with good weather, (and a little sunburn in some cases), and 22 Scottish records were claimed.

Sadly, since the tournament we have been informed that all claims for Double Warwicks have been disallowed by the SAA, as the round is not recognised by GNAS for record purposes.

At the time, the SAA website advised that ALL tournaments with a regional judge present were eligible for Scottish Record Status. We opted for the Double Warwick in all good faith, and indeed not even the judges queried it, however the decision of the SAA now is that it does not recognise the Double round.

All records for the Single Warwick (a total of 11 records) still stand however, so well done to all of the new record holders, and sorry for any disappointment.
Group photograph of participants of the Bannockburn Open Double Warrick Shoot
Winners on the day were:
Ken Myles GC (Dalmore); Bruce Russell GR (Falkirk); Fiona Quayle LC (Clyde); Moira Taylor LR (Falkirk); Brenda Williams LBB; George Mathews GLB; Adelle Fleming LR (Penicuik); Douglas Blyth JGR; Gareth Fleming JGR (Lasswade Disabled); Connor Thomson JGR; and Kristina MacEachern JLR.
Brenda with another of her infamous trick shots - arrow embedded in target flag above target